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Speech Therapy Unionville - Speech Associates

Speech Associates is a provider of in-home Speech-Language Therapy Services across Ontario with In-Home speech therapy available in Unionville.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists provide professional assessments and treatment according to the licensing requirements of Speech-Language Pathologists with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).

If you are enrolled with The Ontario Autism Program (OAP), the Childhood Budgets cover speech therapy, and our therapists are the best choice to help your child achieve their speech and language goals.

Speech Associates providers will work with your family and other professionals to identify your child’s individual strengths, needs and goals.

Age appropriate language skills are crucial to a child’s success at school including relationships with other children. Language delays or speech impairments may reduce the number of opportunities available to a child. With early speech intervention from our speech pathologists, we will help your child improve their speech and language skills with positive and noticeable results.

Weekday and after school appointments are available in Unionville. To find out more about speech associates and how we can help you or your child, call us for a complimentary consultation at: 905 581 0362.