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Welcome to the Speech Associates

Speech Associates is the leading provider of in-home Speech-Language Therapy Services across Ontario and the GTA. Home service is available in Thornhill and Richmond Hill.

Speech Associates offers comprehensive speech therapy and language services for children and adults. Our staff has the experience and clinical knowledge necessary to treat a wide range of communication disorders including academic difficulties with reading and learning. It is our objective to assist our clients in reaching their maximum potential by providing individualized treatment programs according to evidence based best practice. Our inter-disciplinary approach to assisting children on the autism spectrum embraces a range of perspectives including speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and behaviour therapy.

The warmth, comfort and convenience of your home make it an ideal, safe, fun and natural environment for building and shaping success in learning new skills. For more information about how we can help please contact us for no-obligation telephone consultation. Day time and after school or work appointments are available in Thornhill and Richmond Hill.