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Speech Therapy Mississauga Village - Speech Associates

Speech Associates is a team of 40+ licensed speech-language pathologists providing in-home speech therapy in Mississauga.

Speech therapists in the Mississauga Village embrace a variety of intervention methods for supporting children and families affected by Autism and other speech and language obstacles.

The Ontario Autism Program (OAP) covers Speech Therapy in the Childhood Budgets, and the Speech Associates therapists are the best choice to identify your child’s individual strengths, needs and goals.

It is our mission to provide speech-language services that encourage your child to be confident in engaging with others. Our collaborative approach involves you - the parents! Parent participation is a key part of a child's success with speech therapy.

We offer flexible appointment hours on the weekend, weekdays, and evenings for therapy sessions outside of school and work hours. For more information contact our Mississauga Village office at: 289 805 0048 or email us at: