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Speech Therapy Milton - Speech Associates

Speech Associates speech therapists utilize the most modern techniques during speech therapy that ensure quality treatment for your child. Our goal is to improve your child’s quality of life with continued progress in speech and language skills through proven methods of treatment, home programs, and parent training.

When a family chooses Speech Associates, they enter into a partnership with a licensed speech-language therapist with the mutual mission of achieving their speech and language goals. The therapist starts with an evaluation that may include assessment of the client’s ability to understand spoken and written language, or express thoughts in a conversational situation.

Speech Associates provides speech therapy that is covered by the Childhood Budgets from the Ontario Autism Program (OAP).

The in-home nature of our services enables speech language therapy services in Milton to be available in the comfort of your home, daycare, or school. For more information contact our Milton office at: 289 805 0048 or email us at: