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Speech Therapy Guelph - Speech Associates

Speech Associates is a private practice located in Guelph and various regions around the GTA.

Our speech therapists in Guelph are devoted to helping people of all ages who are struggling with speech and language difficulties to reach their full potential.

Age appropriate language skills are crucial to a child’s success at school and to his/her relationships with other children. Language delays or speech impairments may reduce the number of opportunities available to a child. With early intervention from our speech therapists in Wellington County of Guelph, we will help your child improve their speech and language skills with positive and noticeable progress results.

We work with children who have varying degrees of delay or disorder. Our professional speech therapists/clinicians specialize in therapy for: autism, articulation, early language development, voice disorders, stuttering/dysfluency, educational consultation, reading, learning difficulties, ADHD, children’s yoga therapy, and corporate communication. We also cater to adults with personal or professional goals of reducing their accent.

As you enroll with The Ontario Autism Program (OAP), you can use the Childhood Budgets towards Speech Therapy. Our speech therapists will help in identifying your child’s individual strengths, needs and goals.

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