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Welcome to the Speech Associates Etobicoke, Toronto Region

Based in the Toronto region, Speech Associates provide speech and language therapy for all ages to achieve their communication goals. We extend our services in Etobicoke for your convenience where we provide exceptional speech and language therapy that values the best quality standard in our speech treatment.

Speech Associates has an educated, experienced, and trained team of therapists from all over Toronto that utilizes the most effective techniques to providing superior therapy and client satisfaction.

We provide consultations, assessments, and treatments in a comfortable setting – your home, day care centre, school, or office in Etobicoke. We personalize your speech therapy experience by addressing your child’s needs and building on their strengths in order to achieve optimum success.

Our speech therapists are dedicated and committed to providing the best speech therapy with achievable goals, home programs, parent training, and facilitated progress between session.

To discuss more about this therapy service and set up an appointment, please contact our location in Etobicoke at (416)800-4259 or email us at