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“Early intervention has a far more positive prognosis than later treatment. (Starkweather & Gottwald, 1990).”

Stuttering Therapy for Children

100% of parents and families who request therapy for stuttering indicate, "I want my child to speak with confidence." Stuttering affects the whole family so at Speech Associates, we all work together towards the same goal, because we know how tough it is for parents to hear their kids stutter.

As every child is different in the way they stutter, only a licensed Speech will know exactly what kind of stuttering therapy is best for your child. Speech Associates SLPs understand the best approach to take as well as how to train and educate parents as part of the therapy process.

Warning Signs in Pre-Schoolers that Stuttering May NOT resolve:

  • children are at highest risk for beginning to stutter between their second and fourth birthdays
  • child displays articulation errors or other troubles with pronunciation
  • child displays linguistic fragility (organizational and pragmatic domains)
  • family member, parent or sibling stuttered or still stutters (fluency of the mother)
  • child is a male
  • child's language skills are delayed
  • child's stuttering started after 3 years has occurred for 6 months

Speech Therapy Approaches to Stuttering

Children’s Stuttering Program

We serve preschool and school-aged children (ages 2-14 years) one-to-one individualized treatment. We also provide parent education and training, as well as teaching fluency-enhancing techniques.

  • Synergistic Approach to Early Intervention
  • Synergistic Treatment of Feelings, Attitudes and the Environmental Domain
  • Lidcombe Programme
  • Fluency Development System
  • Gradual Increase in Length and Complexity of Utterance

Adult/Teen Stuttering Program

We serve adults and adolescents (13 years and up) and provide individual weekly one-to-one or intensive speech therapy sessions.

  • Integrated or Systems Approaches
  • Thematic, Topic-Centered Speech Contexts
  • Structuring Communicative Interactions Through Scaffolding
  • Camperdown Method

We treat stuttering holistically helping any existing underlying language-impairments, literacy issues or speech production deficiencies right from stuttering onset. Together, we pinpoint the best treatment methods, address patient and parental concerns to help mange and control all forms of stuttering.

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We are a team of over 100 clinicians, including Speech-Language Pathologists with extensive experience in stuttering.