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We Help Late-Talkers

“Research has proven that when children don't catch up in their language skills, they have persistent language difficulties, as well as difficulty with reading and writing when they get to school.”

Speech-Language Delays in Pre-School Children

We consider children to have delays in communication when they use less than 80 words by 2 years. It’s difficult to predict which “late talkers” will catch up and which will fall into the 20-30% group who don’t. Some children with delayed speech may grow out of it; others will require intervention of a speech-language pathologist to help them along.

If you notice that your toddler isn’t reaching the necessary language milestones for their age, we recommend you get an assessment from one of our licensed speech-pathologists, who will help you decide whether intervention is necessary. A ‘wait and see’ approach simply delays treatment and can have lasting implications for language and cognitive development.

Speech Associates provides Step-By-Step Speech Therapy Activities to Teach Speech and Language Skills At Home. We also help parents to help their own children to learn!

From Receptive Vocabulary Building, Expansions, Self-Descriptions and Parallel Talk, learn how to get your child to attend, engage, respond to sounds, imitate actions and expand vocabulary. Speech and Language therapy is the best treatment for this kind of difficulty.

Speech Associates speech therapists have received specialized training in the Hanen Program which is the most well known model of family focused early language intervention for young children with expressive and or receptive language disorders.

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