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Parent Coaching with your BCBA

Parent Coaching is a key part of the therapy process! You know your child best, and we can give you the strategies to help them meet their goals!

When you're looking for support for your child with autism, it can feel overwhelming. If you feel like you don't know where to start, our team of supportive Board Certified Behaviour Analysts and Speech-Language Pathologists can help guide you.

Types of Topics Covered With Parent Coaching

  • Introduction to Behavioural Principles
  • Introduction to the use of Reinforcement
  • Using Reinforcement to Increase Play and Social Engagement with Your Child
  • Introduction to Functional Communication Training
  • Introduction to Using ABA to Teach New Skills
  • Introduction to Generalization and Maintenance
  • Promoting Safety Skills and Decreasing Mouthing Behaviour
  • And many more!

When you begin parent coaching, you’ll be paired with one of our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA), and they will discuss your goals with you. For example, you might want help teaching your child a new skill, or perhaps you'd prefer to work together to reduce a difficult behaviour.

To reduce a challenging behaviour, your BCBA will ask lots of probing questions to further understand the behaviour you're looking to change. Parents are the best data trackers, and your BCBA will ask for your help to get some baseline data, i.e. to keep track of the behaviour in question (the frequency, how long it lasts, etc). This is the best way to know if what you're trying at home is changing the behaviour!

You can opt to participate in parent coaching for as long as you like, or even for as short as one session. Parents know their children best, and can support the success of behavioural intervention!

If parents are given the right tools, they can learn to be the therapist themselves!


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