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Our Occupational Therapists Come to You!

Occupational Therapists provide skilled treatment for children with the goal of achieving optimal age appropriate skills needed to perform daily activities at home, at school, at play and within the community. These skills for daily living are necessary to ensure satisfying, fulfilling and independent lives.

Occupational Therapists use their expertise to help children with autism who experience social-emotional, physical, cognitive, communication and adaptive behavioural challenges. Occupational Therapists design interventions that promote healthy development, establish needed skills, and modify environments, all in support of participation in daily activities. Since the work of children is play, it is through the use of play that occupational therapists assist children in learning needed skills. Therapy can enhance the potential of a child throughout their developmental years and build self-esteem that lasts a lifetime. Areas of concern addressed by our paediatric occupational therapists include:

Self-care skills:

Feeding, bathing, dressing.

Sensory integration dysfunction:

Oversensitivity or under sensitivity to sounds, smells, sights, touch, movement, taste, and difficulty with the sense of body awareness.

Difficulties with feeding and other oral-motor skills:

Difficulty with chewing, drinking, or tolerating various food textures. May be a "picky eater" or "problem feeder."

Fine motor skill challenges:

Difficulty with writing skills, buttons/snaps, use of utensils and scissors, grasping or picking up small objects.

Problems with motor coordination:

Strength and range of motion. May be awkward, seemingly careless, accident prone, or "clumsy." May have difficulties with activities such as standing on one foot, catching a ball, or sitting to tie shoelaces.

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