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Welcome to the Speech Associates Aurora

Speech Associates is a provider of in-home Speech-Language Therapy Services across Ontario and the GTA. In-Home speech therapy in Aurora and Newmarket is available.

Whether a child is learning play and language skills for the first time, a client is re-learning speech and language as they recover from a stroke, or a child with autism is tackling social learning, home is where they learn to communicate and connect. At Speech Associates, therapy is practical, functional, and relevant, encouraging opportunities to practice new skills outside of therapy.

Speech Associates speech therapists will collaborate with your family, teachers, and other professionals. We work towards the common goal of helping our clients to communicate, perform at school or work, and function in a variety of settings to reach their full potential.

In home speech therapy is available in Aurora and Newmarket either day time or after school or work! To learn more about how Speech Associates can help, please contact us at 416-800-4259 for a telephone consultation with a Speech-Language Pathologist.