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Before accent reduction therapy:

After accent reduction therapy:

“Accent reduction, also known as accent modification, is a systematic approach used to learn or adopt a new accent. It is the process of learning the sound system of a language or dialect.”

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During our program you will learn to:

  • Improve your English pronunciation, stress, rhythm and intonation to make your flow of speech natural and aesthetically pleasing
  • Understand your personal accent errors and how to correct them
  • Change the way you use your mouth, teeth and tongue to form the vowel and consonant sounds of Standard North American English
  • Reduce the most common words in English which is part of the subtle nuance of the language
  • Eliminate superfluous words such as 'um', 'uh', and 'like' etc. and develop a confident and persuasive speaking style
  • Pronounce and use vocabulary related to your profession or education
  • To carry over these skills into your everyday conversational interactions

Using this method, individuals such as those mastering a second language will modify their speech to more closely resemble Standard North American English, as well as enhance the clarity of their communication. This training will provide you with the chance to make the impression you want upon the people who affect the course of your personal and professional life.

Public Speaking

Communicate with Confidence!

You CAN learn the skills necessary to change the way you communicate in order to improve your business communication skills. Learn the critical skills that will have the greatest impact on your speech and give you the confidence you need to interview, do presentations or simply speak more effectively on the telephone. Whether or not English is your first language or your second, you can make changes in five simple sessions.

At the end of the program, you will:

  • Walk away with tools and tips that can immediately be applied on a daily basis
  • Walk away with increased confidence in daily interactions
  • Have a voice to match their talent, skill and expertise
  • Be able to project your voice with power and clarity
  • Learn to use a resonant rich vocal tone for maximum effectiveness

The Speech Associates specialize in working with individuals and employees on speech training, pronunciation and voice improvement, interpersonal communication, foreign and regional accent reduction, presentation skills and other critical aspects of business communication. Speaking clearly takes practice but is an integral part of effective business communication.

Some of our customers include: IBM, Suncor, Walmart, Nestle, Canerector Steel, Brock University, Town of Markham, SmartCentres, Flextronics, Maple Leaf Foods are just a few of the many leading companies that we have worked with.

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