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Alia Amer, M.Sc.Psy., M.ADS., BCBA (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst)

Alia is a board-certified behaviour analyst, experienced working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental needs, both in special education classrooms and small groups as well as one-on-one settings. She has a master’s in Psychology and in Applied behavior analysis (ABA) from Brock university. She is adept at performing assessments, planning, development and implementation of appropriate intervention based on the principles of applied behaviour analysis. She displays advanced knowledge of the characteristics of ASD and its impact on the development of behaviour, daily living, communication and social skills. She also provides training to other professionals, parents/caregivers and community mediators.

Alia provides applied behavioural Assessment and Programming in Mississauga and Brampton as well as throughout the GTA.

Naveeda Keshavjee, M.ADS, BCBA (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst)

Naveeda is a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst, who has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Queen’s University and a Master of Applied Disability Studies with a specialization in applied behaviour analysis from Brock University.

Naveeda has over 7 years of experience in working primarily with children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder both in a 1:1 and in a group setting. She has also had the opportunity to work with adults on the spectrum in community-based settings. Naveeda has had training on various ways to enhance the social, academic and life skills of individuals on the spectrum using applied behaviour analysis techniques. These include discrete trial training, natural environment teaching, precision teaching, direct instruction, PEAK and various ways to enhance the communication skills of nonverbal children using picture exchange communication system (PECS), proloquo2go and LAMP.

Naveeda is passionate about applied behaviour analysis and working with individuals on the spectrum and is experienced in training behaviour therapists and parents on the use of evidence based behavioural techniques to improve the quality of life of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Naveeda provides Applied Behavioural Assessments and Programming and supervises ABA Therapists throughout the GTA.

Justin Pietzsch, B.A., Behaviour Therapist

Justin is a recent graduate from Humber College, with a bachelor's degree in behavioural science. Throughout his studies and work experience, he has had the opportunity to work with children & adolescents living with various disabilities, within community, clinical, and in-home settings.

Justin's primary experience involves working with children living with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in a one-on-one setting. Teaching within various learning domains including communication, academic, motor, and community skills, with an emphasis on behavioural management techniques.

He's also had the opportunity to work with non-verbal clients who utilize alternative communication devices such as picture-exchange communication system (PECS) and proloquo2go.

Justin provides ABA Therapy services in the Mississauga region.

Momina Siddiqui, B.Sc., Behaviour Therapist

Momina completed her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology in 2018. She has 2 years of experience providing behavioral services to children age (3-12) with Developmental and Learning disorders i.e. ASD, ADHD and Dyslexia. Momina is a highly motivated and self-directed ABA Therapist with ability to work with children of various intellectual, physical and behavioral challenges. She has worked in a variety of settings including Public/Private schools, daycare, in home and in clinic.

She generally enjoys working with children and believes that individualized training and healthy relationship with client positively impacts on them.

Momina can speak English, Urdu and Hindi, and provides ABA Therapy services in North York, Etobicoke and Downtown.

Saghar Yousufzai, Behaviour Therapist, Masters in Disabilities Studies

Saghar is a recent graduate from the Masters in Disabilities studies program at Brock University and is currently working towards her BCBA certification. She has 6 years of experience providing behavioural services to individuals with developmental disabilities from the ages of 2-18 years old. She has extensive clinical experience providing assessment, consultation and treatment within a multidisciplinary team of service providers to provide the most effective treatment.

She has conducted staff and parent training sessions on specific behavioural protocols (i.e. positive reinforcement schedules, functional communication, preference assessments, behavioral intervention plans etc.) to ensure client success. She has worked in a variety of settings including; public and private schools, community outings, daycare, in-home and center. She has many years of experience with alternative communication devices such as picture-exchange communication system (PECS) and proloquo2go. Sahar thoroughly enjoys providing individualized, client based behavioral services and believes this is the key to success in a learning environment.

Saghar provides ABA Therapy services in the Durham region.

Brittany Dunlop, B.A., Behaviour Therapist

Brittany is currently completing the Behavioural Sciences Diploma Program at Seneca College. She has extensive experience working with children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities in a variety of settings including in 1:1, clinical, in-home and group settings. She has received extensive training in implementing Behavioural Therapy and Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and has experience with Picture Exchange Communication Systems and Proloquo2Go. Brittany is working towards becoming fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). She has a passion for working with children and youth and is enthusiastic in helping them grow and learn. Brittany wants to obtain her Registered Behaviour Technician certificate and continue learning more in the field. She is looking forward to working at Speech Associates and furthering her career with us.

Brittany provides ABA Therapy services in Newmarket, Scarborough, Richmond Hill and Aurora.

Fredi Kent, B.A., CYW, Behaviour Therapist

Fredi has her Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from York University and certification for Child and Youth Work at George Brown College. She has 3 years’ experience in the Autism field and has worked in day program settings as well as group homes, and public schools.

Her clients range from ages 3-13 in all aspects of the Autism field, from high to low functioning, and has aided children with dual diagnoses. She is trained in various forms of communication devices, such as picture-exchange communication system (PECS) and proloquo2go.

Fredi advocates for parent involvement, and understands the importance of bridging the gap with the childs’ skills outside of therapy. She is passionate to teach children the life skills they need to reach their full potential.

Fredi provides ABA Therapy services in Toronto and Scarborough areas.

Vivian Nguyen, Behaviour Therapist

Vivian obtained her Behavioural Sciences diploma in Seneca College, and is also continuing her education at Ontario Tech University for Forensic Psychology (B.A). She believes that children are the future! Vivian has experience with children of all ages diagnosed with autism and developmental delays. She has worked across many settings including private and public schools and ran her own private tutoring and childcare business. Vivian has experience in developing personalized work and programs to ensure that each child needs in improvement are being met.

She is a passionate individual that enjoys bonding and building healthy relationships with children. Vivian supports parents’ involvement and understands the importance of consistency in order for children to obtain a higher quality of life. Vivian is motivated to obtain additional training to improve her understanding in the field and provide the best quality service that she can.

Vivian provides ABA Therapy services in Toronto and Vaughan.

Jennifer Parrott, Behaviour Therapist

Jennifer (Jennie) obtained her Educational Assistance diploma from Conestoga College, and she also studied Social Work at the University of Waterloo. Jennie has level 1 and 2 Autism Intervener through the Geneva Center in Toronto. She comes with many years of autism experience. Jennie is a passionate individual who has experience implementing ABA therapy with children who have been diagnosed with ASD. She has worked with mainly children from nonverbal to high functioning and also high behavioral.

Jennie provides ABA Therapy services in the Kitchener and Guelph regions.

Saira Aly Khan, B.A., RBT, Behaviour Therapist

Saira graduated from Florida International University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in education. She has 5+ years experience working with children with disabilities and children on the autism spectrum. ​Having worked in a number of settings including; public schools, aftercare, in-home and clinic centers, she believes that there should be no stone left unturned to improve the everyday quality of any individual. Saira has had the honor of witnessing the progress of many children from different backgrounds and on different ends of the spectrum. She strives to be a positive light for families and clients in need.

Saira speaks fluent English, Urdu, Hindi and intermediate spanish and provides ABA Therapy services in the St. Catharines and Niagara region.

Liana La Rocca, B.A., Behaviour Therapist

Liana earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a focus on child development at the University of Guelph. Her long term goal is to continue working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other exceptionalities in various settings. Liana has worked with children for over 11 years and has been working with children with special needs since 2018. She has worked in home, school and clinical settings.

Liana entered this career path to help children help themselves and become independent individuals. Her favourite part of the job is seeing the progress her clients have made and their reactions when they complete a difficult task for the first time.

Liana provides ABA Therapy services in the Kitchener area.

Megan Pittman, B.A., Behaviour Therapist

Megan has always had a passion to work with children, but it particularly grew when she began working as a one to one camp counsellor during the summer. After four years, she was promoted to the Assistant Unit head of the special needs unit at the camp. Megan received her Bachelors of Arts Undergrad in Psychology at the University of Guelph in 2019, and a certification in the foundations of CBT from Adler.

Megan continued to use the skills she obtained from working with exceptional children as well as the knowledge she obtained in her undergrad in the ABA field as a behaviour therapist for 2 years. Megan has experience working with children diagnosed across the ASD spectrum, ADHD, OCD, anxiety and ODD in private schools and in home therapy settings. She continues to strive for the best possible ABA Therapy experience for her clients.

Megan provides ABA Therapy services in the Durham Region.

Abir Omar, Behaviour Therapist

Abir obtained her Social Service Work diploma and has been providing support and direct care with children with complex needs. Her experience includes but not limited to children with physical, cognitive, behavioural, and learning needs. Abir has also been teaching modified educational curriculum based on clients needs and providing support in learning life skills. Working with children and youth in group home settings, centre based and home clients; Abir is passionate and dedicated Social Service Worker that specializes in providing support and teaching clients fundamental skills in a safe and fun environment.

Abir worked with children and youth ages 3-16 years old on the spectrum, as well as, dual diagnosis. Facilitating daily activities according to physical capabilities and clients’ interest. Applying instructional and therapeutic skill development to children and youth while still maintaining a positive and welcoming session.

Abir provides ABA Therapy Services in Scarborough and Pickering.

Stephanie Villano, B.A., Behaviour Therapist

Stephanie graduated from York University with a degree in Health Studies and from Humber College with a postgraduate degree in Mental Health and Addictions. She has experience working with children on the spectrum and working in 1:1 sessions as well as group sessions. She has worked with verbal and non-verbal children on all levels of the spectrum.

Stephanie is trained in different communication devices such as PECS, ProLoQuo2Go and LAMP. She has completed her 40 hour RBT training is CPI certified.

Stephanie is a passionate individual that believes that building healthy relationships with children and their families will contribute to their overall learning experience. While working in the ABA field, she has implemented different teaching strategies such as Discrete Trial Training, Naturalistic Training, and Token Economy. She has taught in many different learning categories including communication, gross motor skills, academics, and self-help.

Stephanie provides ABA Therapy services in Brampton, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, and Markham.

Hanna Serhan, B.A. Hons., Behaviour Therapist

Hanna graduated from her B.A (Hons) with Distinction from UOIT in Forensic Psychology and Human Rights Law. Her love of learning led her to continue her education at Humber College, where she completed her Ontario Graduate Certification in Forensic Practice. She is passionate about empowering students through authentic and engaging education. She believes that learning takes place under a number of circumstances but that fostering a propensity towards learning has the biggest impact on a child's success.

Hanna has a broad background of experience working with children both on the spectrum and with a dual diagnosis. Her experience in education ranges from developing academic, social, and athletic goals to supporting clients in acquiring self-help, life, and social skills. She has worked in large and small group classroom settings in addition to one-on-one therapy sessions. Working with children has been a great joy in her life as she is forever reminded that even the small successes should be celebrated, and that the frontiers of discovery and imagination are endless!

Hanna provides ABA Therapy services in the Markham area.

Derica Barry, Behaviour Therapist

Derica Barry obtained a diploma in Law Enforcement and a PSW diploma and is a certified PSE within Ontario. Derica has worked as a CYW in the group home setting for 6 years with youth with both behavioural and developmental disabilities.

Derica then went on to work as a Behaviour Therapist for 3 ½ years with clients whose age ranges from 3- 16 years in the community, home based and Centre based settings providing support to children with ASD and other learning and developmental disabilities and diagnosis. Derica has also worked with adults within day programs teaching and assisting with basic life skills.

Derica provides ABA Therapy services in London.

Ranejeeta Jagoowani, B.A. Hons., Behaviour Therapist

Ranjeeta is a Honour’s graduate from the Early Childhood Education and Advanced Studies in Special Needs Program from Humber College. Being extremely passionate about her career choice, she has 5+ years of experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum, and with disabilities within Respite services, with a primary focus on ABA/IBI Therapy. She has also conducted 1:1 therapy service with children and their families.

Whether it be a big or small impact, she has a deep passion for making a difference in a child’s life. Having worked in both home and school settings, she believes that a child’s education is limitless and consistently strives to be a positive influence for the child and their home. As her motto goes; don’t DIS the ability as each’s child ability is indescribable.

Ranjeeta is currently in the process of completing her RBT Behaviour Technician course, as she always seeks ways to learn on how she can become a better educator.

Ranjeeta provides ABA Therapy services in Downtown Toronto.

Awadis Khshvadjian, B.A., Behaviour Therapist

Awadis completed his Bachelor's degree in Behavioural Analysis at George Brown College, in addition to his Bachelor's Degree in Management. He has worked both within and outisde of Canada with children and youth with behavioural challenges from ages 3-18. He has worked in different settings, like schools, the community, and in-home settings, providing support for the families and their children in areas such as: self-help skills, communication, and academic performance.

With over eight years of experience working in the field with special needs and children on the spectrum, Awadis has had the opportunity to provide services for children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities in group homes, day programs, and respites.

Awadis has experience performing duties such as developing individualized personal plans, providing direct support, and conducting community outings.

He speaks English, Armenian, Turkish and Arabic, and believes in an inclusive and robust community where all members can freely contribute to build a healthy environment for learning.

Awadis provides services in Scarborough and North York.