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As Ontario Autism Program (OAP) service providers and in collaboration with OAP professionals we will ensure families are key partner's in the assessment, goal-setting and intervention planning process for their child.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)-based services and supports.

Behavioural Services and Supports

Behavioural services and supports are intervention services based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). These services are evidence-based, supported by research and use methods based on scientific principles of learning and behaviour to help people:

  • learn new behaviours using a "communicative skill building" approach that supports children's learning, language, and problem solving.
  • increase adaptive behaviours that may be occurring too infrequently (including daily living and social domains).
  • decrease problematic behaviours (e.g., behaviours that negatively impact everyday activities).
  • Camperdown Method

ABA interventions are based on scientific research and the direct observation and measurement of behaviour and the environment. This ensures that programs are developed, monitored by our BCBAs on an ongoing basis and refined based on objective rather than subjective information.

The practice of behaviour analysis expressly excludes psychological assessments for the purposes of: diagnosis, psycho-educational assessments, speech therapy, occupational therapy, diagnosis of a mental or physical disorder, neuropsychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, long-term counseling as treatment modalities, and any other treatment, therapy, or technique that does not meet the definition above.

Clinically Appropriate and Supervised

Services will be clinically appropriate based on the child’s needs.

Professionals for Supervision

Services will include clinical supervision by: Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA or BCBA-D) with experience supervising the delivery of ABA-based services and supports for children diagnosed with ASD.

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